Our tactical training curriculum is designed to maximize your unit’s learning efficiency, establish a solid set of fundamentals, and identify and correct mistakes before poor habits are formed. IDIS facilities feature multiple indoor classrooms and an abundance of open floor space to accommodate almost any type of tactical training you require. We are also partnered with several premier companies to ensure our instructors have the ability to provide tactical training instruction in one prime location.

Combat focused training.

Experience combat-focused tactical training in a realistic environment

We offer basic, advanced, and combat courses as well as tactical entry training and close-quarters combat training to prepare your unit for action. Students will establish tactical awareness and gain a complex understanding of mission planning variables by facing tactical scenarios in realistic, combat-focused environments.

IDIS maintains relationships with multiple air vendors to provide air support and aircraft requirements that meet your training needs. Several airframes are co-located in Texas, including helicopters.

Additionally, our instructors are available to assist in off-road driving, navigation, and recovery via our Arizona training facility. This facility is located amidst several hundred miles of desert off-road terrain featuring both sand and rocks.

Additional Options

  • Facility Rentals
  • Multiple Training Ranges and Areas
  • Tactical Decision Making
  • Tactical Insertion Advisory
  • Off-Road Driving & Recovery
  • Role Players
  • Live-Fire Ranges
  • Carbine, Pistol, and Shotgun Courses
  • Aerial Gunnery Ranges

“Not only did my team gain confidence and proficiency in their parachute insertion techniques over the two weeks of our training, but they also made huge gains in mission planning and execution once the insertion part was over and an 8-10-hour scenario began.”

Training Participant

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