Military Freefall

Learn military freefall tactics from the experts at IDIS. Your unit will receive tactically realistic and technically relevant training from former U.S. MFF instructors with 6,000 - 10,000+ jumps to their name. Development of a superior team capability will prepare you for any jump, no matter the altitude, stand-off distance, drop zone, or terrain. Basic, advanced, and custom-tailored courses are available to progress your skills so you can achieve combat readiness by completion.

Military Freefall
Valkyrie team


This team-focused, tactical HAHO course will develop your entire unit from a basic MFF capability to an advanced, combat-ready capability. Following the U.S. Army’s ATIC POI, Valkyrie takes your unit down the unconventional training path. Trainees will face multiple unknown and unmarked drop zones as well as day and night jumps starting at 13,000 feet.

Raven team


This advanced leadership training course focuses on advanced HAHO techniques and in-air problem solving via combat-focused training. Your MFF unit leaders will learn how to navigate scenario-based contingencies and challenges to develop competence, increase proficiency, and enhance understanding of both tactics and equipment.



Mjölnir is a crew-based, comprehensive, and operationally relevant JPADS course. Tactically realistic training scenarios, from rigging to deployment, are guaranteed to enhance your unit’s combat-ready capability.



Trainees with 200+ jumps are certified for this Military Tandem Master (MTM)/Military Tandem Tethered Bundle (MTTB)/TORDS course led by our on-staff military tandem examiners. Operationally relevant for both non-permissive environments and humanitarian efforts, Sleipnir will boost team integration while enhancing trainees’ navigational and NVG skills.

Additional Options

  • Basic Free Fall Courses
  • Instructor Courses
  • Advanced JM Techniques
  • Static Line
  • Double Bag Static Line
  • Combo Military Free Fall
  • K9 MFF & Recovery
  • Rigging / Packing Support & Courses
  • Master Rigger Availability
  • Turn-key Training Support Including Catering, Lodging, and Facilities
  • MFF Advisory Services
  • Equipment Test and Evaluation
  • USPA Transition Courses
  • Currency and Proficiency Training
  • Full Mission Profile Scenarios & Options
  • Mobile Training Team

“The time and effort put forth by the instructors to better us as parachutists for combat and real-time missions is spectacular.”

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