We have recently expanded the training and consulting services we offer to ensure your unit has access to the parachute rigging, testing support, and facility rental services you need to boost operational efficiency and eliminate retraining costs altogether.

Parachute Rigging

Parachute Rigging

We offer a full Paraloft at our training facility in Hearne, Texas, where our skilled team members perform the vital maintenance work required to keep your jumpers safe. Services include parachute and harness repair, in-service and inspections, and packing services.

Testing support

Testing Support

Our experts are trained to evaluate your equipment and perform the rigorous testing necessary to ensure that quality, performance, security, and reliability measure up to military standards. We offer testing of static lines, reserves, deployment systems, automatic activation devices, autonomous devices, and more to ensure your systems and devices are up to par. LNO, DZ, and contract air support is also available.

Facility Rentals

Facility Rentals

We operate and maintain world-class training facilities dedicated solely to government clients like yourself. Located near multiple hotels and restaurants in Hearne, Texas. These private facilities offer zero competing civilian operations and zero congestion.

Our facilities house multiple drop zones and offer varying terrain to ensure maximum efficiency of MFF training and operations. We also offer complete turn-key training and support packages to meet your needs.

“The training we had at IDIS was as good as it gets. Can't thank you enough for all the support and lessons learned! IDIS brought our capabilities and confidence up to a whole new level!”

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